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Monday, October 19, 2020

Tips to Choose the Best Raw Scan Data Processing Company in Vietnam

Selecting the best raw scan dataprocessing company for you upcoming construction project may be quite a task if you are not aware of the current architectural technological advancements and market trends.

Here are a few tips which may help you make the right choice:

1.    Companies should have highly qualified efficient professionals who can successfully scan raw data to produce accurate 3D models with high definition visuals.

2.    Companies should be equipped with recent technologies like CAD, AutoCAD, CAM, 3D and 2D CAD and BIM software.

3.    Companies using traditional drawing techniques should be avoided due to issues relating to practicality of designs, time consuming and costly process.

4.    Companies should be reliable and transparent while dealing with clients.

5.    Choose companies (like Bim Solutions Vietnam) reputed for high-quality deliveries within the stipulated time frame.


Raw Scan Data Processing Company
Raw Scan Data Processing Company

A comprehensive guide on 3D printing software

3D printing software is used to create high-quality 3D real life objects. The software is useful to translate information on the 3D object to 3D printing. The object can be printed either in parts or entirely. CAD software offers 3D printing facility so you can easily produce 3D objects using a single platform. Thus, CAD software is highly versatile with a host of functionalities offering seamless efficient drawings and designs.

3D printing software is mostly used by architects and engineers to replicate the feasibility and practicality of a machine or a building part. This reduces the cost of production and also helps to avoid unnecessary expenditure in case the innovative design is unrealistic. It also helps the investor to imagine and conceptualize the final yields of the project without the product being actually produced.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Architectural Bim Services

Architectural BIM services bring a great level of help for the architects out there. These professionals use to face a wide range of challenges and to simplify the whole process for them, we have announced the best architectural BIM services. 

Architectural Bim Services

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Importance of 2D CAD Drafting in Today’s World

 2D drafting services are used to create technical drawings and designs with high accuracy. Architects and civil engineers use CAD or Computer Aided Design software floor plans and layouts of buildings and construction sites.

CAD software is used in 2D drafting to create precise designs and drawings of high practical value. The need for stencils, work desks, and other drawing instruments required in traditional designing is reducing every day with the evolution of CAD drawing.

CAD software has various functionalities with easy computational strategies for efficient designing with a minimum number of measurement errors. Thus, CAD exposes the reality of a design virtually through a computer which traditional design cannot.

Recently, the use of 3D CAD has revolutionized the architecture industry completely. It is more efficient than 2D CAD in the manner that it helps to build objects with length, breadth, and height; enabling more accurate measurements and high-quality visualizations.

2D CAD Drafting

Importance of 2D CAD drafting in today’s world:

1.    Collaboration: CAD helps in easy collaboration and delivery of projects. You can combine data and share designs between various systems using this platform to build high-quality designs in no time. CAD data exchange software can be installed into systems for easy design translations and successful completions.

2.    High-quality designs: Traditional designs contain measurement errors as they are manually created. Reworking on these designs can be both difficult and tiring. CAD comes to the rescue in such situations with high-quality accurate computer-generated modeling.

3.    Increased sales and conversion rates: CAD drawings are accurate and sell more. An investor when presented with a 3D visual model can comprehend better about the final results of the project. Therefore, CAD modeling can help you gain the trust of your client easily getting you bigger and better deals.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Applications of Revit Geometry During Point Clouds to BIM Construction.

 Point clouds to BIM services create precise and accurate models for easy construction, renovation and refurbishment. It is more reliable than traditional tools owing to its high degree of accuracy.

General offerings of BIM Service:

1.    Provide a 3D scan model for architectural constructions

2.    Cloud to MEP BIM modeling

3.    3D Scan and CAD

4.    Scan and construct accurate drawings


This newest technology helps to create easy 3D models to check the feasibility of construction. These scans are highly-detailed and of good quality and gives a good visual of the renovation.

Applications of Revit Geometry during point clouds to BIM construction:

·         Revit geometry helps to build accurate BIM models for MEP projects that can detect early clashes efficiently.

Point Clouds to BIM

·         Revit aims to provide accurate point cloud data to clients.

·         It can measure distance between points in a scan to provide true dimensions of the built with 100% accuracy.

·         Extremely useful in correct mapping for the purpose of infrastructure asset like bridges and tunnel building.

·         Highly reliable BIM models can be created for retrofitting and renovation.


This kind of modeling helps us to view virtually the practicality of the built which not only saves time on the construction site but also money. Thus, pre-construction planning using BIM technology and 3D modeling solutions is the future now.

At BIM Solutions, Vietnam, we have highly trained professionals offering BIM services at a cost effective price with a fast turnaround time of project delivery. We have been working with various sectors and meeting stringent deadlines over the past few years.

Thus, choosing the right design firm for your construction needs is important for quick transformation results.