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Friday, October 26, 2018

How Tekla Services Can Be Beneficial For BIM Early Stage Designs

Before understanding how Tekla Services can be advantageous for early stage constructional or structural designs; let’s get a brief introduction to what Tekla solutions actually are!

Things You Need To Understand About Tekla BIM Services?

Tekla is basically a BIM software, the primary intention of which is to ensure accurate designs for buildings and all other concrete structures. It incorporates all the essential features of 3D modelling and ensures the architects and engineers work mutually on the same project from different locations.

In the construction industry, Tekla is also applied for structural steel detailing as well as precast concrete specifying. The primary aim of this software is to guide the structural engineers and architects throughout the project in terms of accuracy of blueprint and fabrication of the structures.

Basically, it atomizes the process of generating shop drawings and ensures 100% accurateness for every project. Tekla software services support the development of models and drawings for concrete, structural steel, rebar, as well as different steel.

Major Advantages Of Tekla Services

·         It ensures you superior constructional designing and modelling solution
·         It establishes constructability at the early stage of a project or design
·         It sketches up different services and also the estimated total cost of the project
·         It saves your effort, time, and money
·         It reduces the risk of mistakes by ensuring precise designs
·         Tekla Services let you establish a more practical relationship between architects & structural engineers involved in the project

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